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Vita Farms is a 50-acre nursery which lies just outside the town of Villa Canales, Guatemala. There are currently 80 greenhouses in full operation and ongoing construction keeps adding to that number. The farm is managed by Luis Pacheco and his two sons and employs more than 300 office and field personnel.

In May 2010, what was then Mayacrops’ Villa Canales Farm, took the brunt of Pacaya’s volcanic explosion. The following day tropical Storm Agnes dumped torrential rains on the ash covered greenhouses, causing all of them to collapse. The owners saw the damage was too great and decided not to rebuild.

ForemostCo had a longstanding relationship with this operation and its people. The farm was more than a supplier, it was made up of friends and family. Within days of the catastrophe, ForemostCo purchased the operation from Mayacrops so Vita Farms could be born and the rebuilding could begin. Greenhouses were quickly constructed and within weeks, through no small effort, the hardworking team at Vita Farms was able to quickly make the repairs needed to turn the facility into a productive, fully-functioning exporter. Despite being 100% destroyed, the farm never stopped operating and its Team was kept in tact.

Today, the farm ships more than 200 million cuttings a year to the United States, Canada and Europe. From Groundcovers and Perennials to Succulents and Premium Foliage, Vita Farms has risen from the ashes to provide the industry with quality cuttings and exceptional service.

In 2017 we purchased an additional 185 acres to support our continued expansion. The infrastructure and new greenhouses are rapidly taking shape on this new facility.

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