Offshore Availability

PBS was originally established in 1988 by Piet van der Velden and Joost van Abeelen as Orquídeas Costarricenses S.A. (Orcosa), and became a part of the ForemostCo Family in 2018. In 1993, Joost van Abeelen tragically passed in a plane accident, and under new management, Folkert Hoekstra continued building upon his legacy to make the farm into what it is today.

Situated in the Guácima Alajuela Province in Costa Rica, PBS is known as a world class producer of indoor and outdoor Bromeliad young plants, in addition to producing a select group of Indoor Foliage Plants supplying both the North American and European growers market. PBS’ capabilities are combined with existing OSV production operations, allowing for an integration of two highly experienced and specialized teams, as well as significantly broadening ForemostCo’s product line.

PBS’ offshore Bromeliad production, in conjunction with ForemostCo’s Florida based Bromeliad liner production at its Phoenix Foliage operation, allows the ForemostCo Family to offer over 200 varieties of Bromeliad Young Plants to its customers.

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