Offshore Availability

Established in 1985 and part of the ForemostCo® Family since 2003, Ornamentales Sapo Verde SRL (OSV) produces over eight million cuttings per year and has become one of the most respected producers of the Jazzed Gems™ Aglaonema series, Crotons, Heliconias, Scheffleras, and the Starpower® Sansevieria series, to both the North American and European markets. OSV is managed by Jordan Arnott, and has a total planting area of over 130 acres.

OSV is proudly committed to sustainable farming practices, and approaches the usage of chemicals, water, fertilizers, and energy with extreme discipline in order to provide a quality product while protecting the health and welfare of the local residents and the surrounding ecosystem.

While maintaining consistent quality, strong customer relations and a healthy, efficient and productive in-country labor force, OSV continues to set the standard for providing exceptional quality products with environmentally friendly technologies.

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