Growing a Better World

Doing business all over the world comes with important responsibilities that extend beyond just running a profitable business. We strive to have a positive impact in the markets in which we operate and sustainability is fully embedded in our business strategy.

Our sustainable development strategy, Growing a Better World, includes targets across three key focus areas:

Environmental Conservation

Giving Back to the Community

Transparency and Reporting

  • Installing a solar powered well pump at OSV, providing a clean alternative to using fossil fuels and enabling low carbon irrigation
  • Reserving many acres of our farms for reforestation, directly improving the health of local residents and surrounding ecosystems
  • Installing a rain catchment system at Phoenix Foliage, conserving drinking water and reducing the amount of storm runoff entering the sewage system
  • Vita Farms has partnered with a local nonprofit to help children with Down Syndrome, using plants as a form of therapy to promote their overall well-being
  • Free education and daycare facilities for employees and their families in Guatemala
  • Phoenix Foliage supplies children who have long term illnesses with pre-made Mother’s Day baskets to give to their mothers on that special day
  • Phoenix Foliage provides Plant donations to first graders for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) projects about plants
  • All ForemostCo® production facilities have begun the process of acquiring MPS certification (Ornamentales Sapo Verde, Phoenix Foliage, Vita Farms, Primeros en Follaje)
  • MPS is the worldwide partner on sustainability for growers and demonstrates to what extent operations are ecologically sound
  • Compliance with market requirements can be demonstrated using the quarterly reporting tool as a management instrument

Left to right:  Vita Farms, Ornamentales Sapo Verde de CR, Primeros en Follaje de CR