Vita Farms Receives MPS A+ Certification

Vita Farms, ForemostCo® Inc.’s production facility in Guatemala, achieves an A+ rating in the MPS-ABC registration system showing its complete dedication to sustainable production.

Guatemala (Nov. 23, 2020) –Vita Farms, a 50-acre nursery (with an additional 185 acre expansion underway) and part of the ForemostCo® Family, started the process of obtaining the MPS-ABC certification in late 2019. The MPS A+ certification is an official recognition of Vita Farms’ continued commitment towards running an ecologically sound operation.

“Social responsibility and sustainable production has always been a guiding principle at Vita Farms.” Said Luis Pacheco, General Manager of Vita Farms. “Obtaining MPS certification was a natural step forward towards lowering our burden on the environment, and assures that we are in compliance with market requirements”. He continues, “We are delighted to have received the A+ rating, the highest attainable qualification, and will continue to implement best practices to reduce our footprint on the environment.”

MPS-ABC is a registration tool to keep track on consumption of crop protection agents & fertilizers as well as energy consumption and waste management. Compliance with market requirements can be demonstrated using the quarterly reporting tool as a management instrument.

About Vita Farms S.A.

Vita Farms is a 50-acre nursery which lies just outside the town of Villa Canales, Guatemala. There are currently 105 greenhouses in full operation and ongoing construction keeps adding to that number. The farm is managed by Luis Pacheco and his two sons and employs more than 350 office and field personnel. Visit for more information.

About ForemostCo® Inc.

Since 1987 ForemostCo has met the ever-changing needs of the grower community as North America’s premier supplier of foliage and tropical plants. By owning its own production facilities, as well as sourcing material from around the world, the company continues to provide customers with year-round availability of product through world-class logistics. Visit for more information.