ForemostCo Inc., a premium supplier of foliage and tropical plants, has announced that its production facilities (Ornamentales Sapo Verde, Phoenix Foliage, Vita Farms, Primeros en Follaje) are in the process of acquiring MPS certification.

MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) is the worldwide partner on sustainability for growers and demonstrates to what extent operations are ecologically sound. ForemostCo intends to use this certification to assure environmental performance, as well as lower the company’s environmental burden.

“ForemostCo has long been aware of its environmental impact” says Joseph Roberts, CEO of ForemostCo. “For example, at OSV in Costa Rica, we have always reserved many acres of the farm to reforestation. Now as we begin participating in MPS, we will also receive the benefits of the MPS reports concerning the use of chemicals, water, fertilizers, and energy.”

“During the initial visits to the ForemostCo operations in Costa Rica (Ornamentales Sapo Verde), Guatemala (Vita Farms), and the U.S. (Phoenix Foliage), the level of dedication and efforts already implemented towards sustainable production were impressive,” says Arthij van der Veer, Area Manager at MPS. “Through the implementation of MPS-ABC, we will offer the farms tools to measure and further improve these efforts, and we look forward to a long and successful cooperation.”

MPS-ABC is a registration tool to keep track of consumption of crop protection materials and fertilizers. Compliance with market requirements can be demonstrated using a quarterly reporting tool as a management instrument.

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