Research has shown that handling different plants has beneficial effects on both physical and mental health


Guatemala – Vita Farms, a 50-acre nursery and part of the ForemostCo® family, has partnered with nonprofit institution La Fundación Margarita Tejada para Síndrome de Down and Yamavé, a wholesale nursery in Guatemala City to help children with Down Syndrome develop vital skills and promote their overall well-being.

“We are so excited to use our plants as a form of therapy for kids with special needs,” says Luis Pacheco of Vita Farms. “It combines being outdoors with the opportunity to acquire a range of skills – from learning how to interact with a group, to taking responsibility for living creatures.” He continues, “Not only are social skills enhanced, but consistent involvement with plants and nature can contribute to improved cognitive abilities, alertness and positively impacts mood and psychological well-being.”

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About Vita Farms S.A.

Vita Farms is a 50-acre nursery which lies just outside the town of Villa Canales, Guatemala. There are currently 105 greenhouses in full operation and ongoing construction keeps adding to that number. The farm is managed by Luis Pacheco and his two sons and employs more than 350 office and field personnel.

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