By: Tim Hodson, GPN Magazine:

In case you haven’t heard, houseplants are hot!

According to’s National Gardening Survey, nearly one-third of all the households in America purchased a houseplant in 2017.

When does its 2018 survey, I am sure that number will go up.

In the January issue of GPN, Nick Farella at BlueSkye Creative authored “The Ultimate Comeback” that examines how this category is seeing a resurgence with today’s consumers.

In the article, Farella discusses how houseplants are finding their way back into more homes and how the millennial generation is embracing houseplants into their lives. Farella says one of the reasons that millennials are drawn to houseplants is that their generation has been slower to settle down and purchase homes.

As home prices have climbed over the years, many of them do not have the financial means to buy their own homes but they are willing to invest in their living spaces with houseplants.

In the article, Farella looks at some of the top-selling houseplant categories that you may want to consider adding to your production. Among them are ficus, sansevieria, dracaena and philodendrons just to name a few.

Andrew Britten at ForemostCo Inc. also has been covering houseplants for GPN. Be sure to check out some of his recent Hot Tropics articles that we have published on heliconiagingercrotons and houseplant combos.

And in the March issue of our sister publication, Lawn & Garden Retailer, Justin Hancock at Costa Farms also addresses the popularity of houseplants in his article, “Must-Have Houseplants for Your Garden Center.”

In his article, Hancock recommends some of his favorites that you may want to grow and sell such as monster, aglaonema, fittonia as well as the aforementioned ficus and sansevieria. Hancock also provides some unique merchandising tips to help you sell houseplants.

Are you growing and selling houseplants? If you’re not, you might want to because houseplants are hot!