MIAMI, JUNE 13, 2014 – ForemostCo®, Inc., North America’s premier Young Plant company, announces that its production facility in Guatemala, Vita Farms, has reached its 1,000,000 square feet of growing space.

May of 2011 marked the one year anniversary since Vita Farms had survived the one-two punch thrown at it by an erupting volcano, followed by a hurricane shortly thereafter. At that time the farm had rebuilt 20 of its greenhouses and employed over 80 employees. A little more than three years later the farm continues to not only run strong, but also expand. As of June 2014 Vita Farms is proud to announce that it now has 1,000,000 square feet of growing space, including 60 greenhouses. During the farm’s rebuilding and expansion, Vita Farms paid close attention to what growers in the United States and Canada were asking for, and in a continuing effort to supply the needs of the horticultural industry, Vita dedicated 16 of its greenhouses to the production of succulents.

The succulent market in the Unites States and Canada has exploded over the past few years and Vita Farms has worked diligently to provide growers with cutting edge product for this booming trend. Beginning with approximately 45 selections three years ago, Vita Farms has grown their succulent stock to more than 103 distinct varieties that are commercially available and is trialing 80 new ones. Time will tell what the next three years will produce, but without a doubt, Vita Farms will continue to be at the forefront of the industry in order to supply its customers with consistent quality, exceptional service, and cutting edge product!

For more than 25 years, ForemostCo® has provided stability and innovation to the North American horticultural industry. As one of the largest volume importers of starter plants into the U.S., ForemostCo® is ready to serve its customers in a reviving horticultural market. Working in partnership with customers and suppliers worldwide, ForemostCo®, Inc. provides consistent quality, exceptional service, and strives to bring value to all parties in every transaction. For details on the full range of ForemostCo’s products and services please visit


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