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Growing Information

Issue # 1 - Trachelospermum Summer Sunset (PDF)

•Issue #2 - Out of circulation

Issue #3 - Dioon edule (PDF)

Issue #4 - Alpinia Variegated Ginger (PDF)

Issue #5 - Yucca Color Guard (PDF)

Issue #6 - Neon Pothos (PDF)

•Issue #7 - Out of circulation

Issue #8 - Black Tacca chantrieri 'Bat Plant (PDF)

•Issue #9 - Out of Circulation

Issue #10 - Yucca gloriosa 'Variegata' (PDF)

Issue #11 - Musa Tropicana (PDF)

Issue #12 -Calathea (PDF)

Issue #13 -Chlorophytum Green-Orange (PDF)

All other growing information listed under Product/Cultural Sheets - left hand menu.




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